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Spare keys seem to be ignored until the moment when you most need them. Believe me, when you get in that scenario of being locked out and visibly seeing your keys in the ignition, it will all make sense then. This list is to attack some of those strong points of why should you invest in having that set of spare keys around.

Your vehicle is so essential to your day-to-day activities and being locked out and calling that local locksmith will cost you big bucks in an emergency situation. We are here to help you be more proactive toward any of the situations that we will talk about ahead. From being locked out to a broken key, the spare should hopefully sound like a good idea by the end of this blog post.

Why invest in that extra key?

Well, that is simply answered by the fact of cost. In the scenario of being locked out due to any reason, there will be an Emergency Situation that requires a more prompt response which equals more cash out of your pocket. By contacting your local Locksmith we can help you be prepared for that hard situation which will turn into an easy solution, reaching in for that spare!

The typical cost for an automotive locksmith to come out and service you will be upwards of $100 depending on the specifics of your problem. That is a substantial amount to pay for a mistake or for a malfunction.

What are the benefits of having that spare key?

Owning that extra spare key will allow you to easily be able to make another copy and save the locksmith time which in the end time=money, minimizing the amount of time the locksmith has to be working on your car will ensure a lower bill (depending on the vehicle you own of course!).

Another key benefit (pun intended), is alternating usage to extend the longevity of your ignition and locks. Over time the groves that are in the key will be worn down and the harder it gets to turn the ignition will accelerate the deterioration.

Some of the newer vehicles even allow customized vehicle settings for the specific keys as well (mirrors, volume, seat settings, etc.). Which is a very neat benefit if multiple household drivers use the vehicle.

In Conclusion

Having that spare key will save you time and money in the end. Prolonging the life of your car ignition and locks. The stress of being locked out will be a burden taken away! Lowering any emergency costs that come with your problem. Having a copy made or an extra remote programmed at your convenience rather than having to be waiting at a location for someone to save you. Most importantly you will be more at ease knowing that if any situation would arise with the need for an extra key, YOU ARE READY!!!